Book: XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook

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October 8, 2022 Jack Levin and the Fair Crypto Foundation deployed the smart contract of XEN Crypto on Ethereum. The launch of the XEN token on the other 12 networks followed suit in the next few months. In her book “XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook: Your Guide to First Principles, XEN’s Strategy, Minting, and the Multichain Landscape,”  Aneta Karbowiak describes all the intricacies of the now-evolved XEN ecosystem and lays the foundation of multichain strategy, philosophy, and tokenomics. The book is also a practical guide to XEN.

Book Summary

“XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook: Your Guide To First Principles, XEN’s Strategy, Minting, And The Multichain Landscape” is available on Amazon in digital format. It’s a book for anyone willing to learn what XEN is and how it works. It’s an indispensable repository of knowledge about the mechanisms that govern the XEN supply, inflation, and burning. It depicts XEN in a larger picture of the cryptosphere, while also providing practical tips on how to remain profitable when minting XEN. This book is a guide not only to XEN but also to its ecosystem of dapps, gas prices, and different chains. It’s divided into six chapters:

What is XEN Crypto?

This chapter focuses on providing a general description of XEN Crypto and the motivations behind its creation. It explores the philosophy underpinning the protocol and the importance of participation, and it introduces the audience to the mastermind, Jack Levin. It elucidates the role of the community and the first principles of crypto as the foundation of XEN. 

Tokenomics of XEN

This part of the book describes meticulously the tokenomics of XEN and all the relations between inflation, disinflation, minting, and burning and the effects they have on the supply. The effect of the burn function on creating scarcity and its implementation in different burning protocols like DBXen, Fenix, and Xenify is outlined in great detail, and other external factors influencing the tokenomics are listed as well. The author explains what Levin’s Law is and the utility and incentives of the token. It’s a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of the protocol and an indispensable read for anyone seeking an in-depth clarification of all the mechanisms governing XEN.

Multichain approach

The chapter on XEN deployment on various blockchains exemplifies the concept underlying this approach and its execution strategy. It’s an introduction to bridging and cross-swaps. Readers can learn about XEN’s presence on Ethereum, Binance, Dogechain, OKC Chain, Pulsechain, and Optimism, which are some of the most distinctive networks for different reasons.

The economy of XEN

The author examines the economic dynamics shaping XEN’s ecosystem, including its dependency on gas fees, ETH burn mechanisms, and liquidity incentives. Through real-world examples and case studies, readers gain insight into the factors influencing XEN’s economic growth and the influence of XEN on gas and ETH deflation.

XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook
XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook: Your Guide to First Principles, XEN's Strategy, Minting, and the Multichain Landscape

XEN batch minters

This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the most popular batch minters used to mint XEN. The first part elucidates the mechanism of XENFTs and their different categories, then it describes Cointool, and finally, the author compares the gas efficiency of both tools and writes about optimizing the minting processes.

The XEN manual

The last part of the XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook provides readers with a comprehensive manual for interacting with XEN smart contracts, setting custom gas fees, minting XENFTs, staking, and troubleshooting common issues. Through practical tips and tutorials, readers gain the confidence to navigate the XEN ecosystem with ease.


In her book, Aneta Karbowiak reaffirms the importance of XEN’s commitment to first principles and its potential to revolutionize decentralized finance through community adoption and expansive strategy. By synthesizing technical concepts with practical guidance, “XEN Crypto Anarchist Cookbook” empowers readers to embark on their journey into the world of XEN armed with confidence and clarity.