How to Claim the X1 Blockchain Airdrop

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In a surprising move, Jack Levin, the visionary behind the XEN Crypto project and the X1 Blockchain, took to his account on January 3, 2024, to announce an exclusive airdrop for the X1 Blockchain native cryptocurrency, XN. The announcement, coupled with an onboarding Google form, has triggered a wave of excitement among the XEN community that’s awaiting the launch of the X1 mainnet.

The X1 Airdrop Buzz

Jack Levin’s post on urges crypto enthusiasts to become part of the X1 and XEN communities, offering them an opportunity to claim XN coins through a special XN claimable airdrop. The post emphasizes inclusivity, welcoming both OG Xenians and newcomers to join the evolving XEN Ecosystem. It also points to participation. Each user will get a specific amount of XN, depending on the engagement.

To participate, users are directed to a Google Form designed explicitly for the X1/XEN Onboarding. The form, accessible via a link shared in Levin’s post or through this link, features a set of questions aimed at determining the level of engagement and influence within the XEN Ecosystem. The last day to submit the form is January 31st.

Users who never minted XEN can do it anytime by following this guide: How to mint XEN

The provisory allocation of the XN coin is described here, however, this has already changed and is subject to change further. The ultimate version will be released closer to the X1 Blockchain mainnet launch.

Controversy Over Data Privacy

The onboarding form, however, sparked a discussion about data privacy and security within the crypto community. Users expressed concerns about providing personal information, particularly their email addresses and social media accounts. In response, Levin assured the community that participation was entirely voluntary and users were free to skip questions that made them uncomfortable. It is not necessary to log in with the Google account to file the form, and it is not mandatory to provide any social media account information, but users who have an  ⓧ symbol next to their Twitter profile will get priority.

One notable element of the form is the requirement to submit an Ethereum address. The 21st Googler clarified that users could use a new address without any transaction history, addressing concerns related to the traceability of their crypto activities.

X1/XEN Onboarding Form

The form includes various questions, such as:

  • Basic arithmetic and a code to ensure human interaction.
  • Social media details, with priority given to those displaying the XEN symbol in their Twitter profiles.
  • Ethereum address.
  • Questions related to involvement in XEN Ecosystem activities, Twitter Spaces, YouTube channels, and more.
  • Questions related to the first principles of crypto

Community Response and Uptake

Despite initial privacy concerns, over 20% of the limited 100,000 airdrop slots have been filled in just a couple of days. This rapid uptake underscores the community’s eagerness to participate in and contribute to the growing X1 Blockchain. Moreover, providing the numbers of real users participating in the airdrop gives more legitimacy to the endeavour.

Shaping the Future Together

One more time, Jack Levin showed an innovative approach to community engagement through the airdrop, which has sparked enthusiasm and debate alike, driving more engagement with the XEN ecosystem. As the X1 Blockchain unfolds, this unique onboarding strategy sets the tone for a community-driven ecosystem. The Xenians are awaiting the launch of the X1 mainnet. Recently, Xenworld LLC, aka Fair Crypto Foundation, behind XEN, filed a case in federal court against OKX to defend trademark rights to X1. The dispute ignited the XEN community and set a faster tone for mainnet development. X1 is a hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain based on the Argon2ID algorithm with the goal of creating a low barrier of entry, energy efficient, quantum-resistant, and the most decentralized network.