How to mint XEN?

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XEN is a token that can be minted for free by connecting your Ethereum compatible wallet to the XEN smart contract. This is the only thing you need – a wallet like Metamask or any other compatible wallet and some ETH to pay for the gas fees. There are different features that make XEN tokenomics interesting, and those include staking times, mint term limits, late withdrawal penalties, the number of people participating in the minting process, and APY rewards.


When you connect the wallet to the XEN Crypto smart contract, you need to choose how much time needs to pass before you receive your tokens. The more time you’re willing to wait, the more XEN you’ll receive in the end. Additionally, XEN rewards depend on the number of people who interacted with the smart contract before you. When you connect your wallet, you get a cRANK that tells you this number. The contract also follows the global rank, which indicates the total number of all claims. This number is important because the more people you onboard to XEN after you join, the more rewards you will get. However, there’s no referral link to share and no promotional code to give. Similarly to Bitcoin, XEN relies on Metcalfe’s Law. Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of participants in the network. This means that the more participants a network has, the more valuable it is. Now you know why Facebook and other social media are valued so much.

The minting formula

minting xen
XEN token rewards

The XEN minting formula is as follows:

XEN reward = AMP * t * log2(dR) * (1+EAA(cRu))

AMP – time-dependent reward amplifier; it decreases in a linear fashion from 3,000 by 1 every day, until it reaches the plateau of 1.

cRg – global cRank

cRu – your rank

dR – delta rank (cRg – cRu)

t – mint term days

Aside from this formula, the whole tokenomics involves other aspects, and one of them is term limits. Term limits are counted in days, and the maximum Free Mint Term is capped at 100 days until the protocol registers more than 5,000 participants. After the 5,000 threshold is reached, the Free Mint Term increases logarithmically according to the below function. The curve flattens out when it reaches a maximum of 550 days. It is assumed that the 5,000 mark will be reached very quickly and that they will get the highest rate of inflation. After that, inflation will follow the Poisson distribution, which means it will drop sharply and stay low for about eight years.

The free mint formula

The Free Mint formula is:


freeMintTermLimit = { 100, if cRg ≤ 5000

                                        100 + log2 ( cRg ) * 15, if cRg > 5000

where 𝚌𝚁𝙶 is the current Global Crypto Rank

Maximum inflation

Starting from zero supply, everyone will need to mint their tokens, and the amount of minted XEN will determine the total size of their holdings. This means that getting the highest inflation emission earns the highest APY rewards, which are highest for the first 90 days after the launch of XEN. They will decrease over the 4-year period to remain at 2% afterwards. The highest attainable inflation is also at the beginning, in the first days after the launch, because that’s when users get the Early Adopter Amplifier (EAA) 10% bonus and the highest Reward Amplifier (AMP) of 3,000. This AMP, as well as EAA, decreases over time, and XEN becomes disinflationary.


People who have claimed their cRank and ended their waiting period are able to withdraw their tokens through a Web3 interface provided for this purpose. Withdrawing or minting XEN tokens is subject to penalties for the delay.

There’s no penalty if the tokens are minted when the stake ends, but each additional day means a percentage of tokens lost. Being late by one week means that you lose 99% of all your XEN. You can come back whenever you want to mint your remaining 1%, though. The penalties are hardcoded in the smart contract, and no one can change them.

Act responsibly and claim your stake as soon as it ends, so you don’t suffer any loss.

The penalties are applicable as follows:

0 = 0%
1 = 1%
2 = 3%
3 = 8%
4 = 17%
5 = 35%
6 = 72%
7 = 99%

XEN's staking APY

Similarly to HEX, which relies on a staking mechanism for yield generation, XEN also uses time locks, with a maximum locking period of 1000 days. However, there are some other nuances between HEX and XEN. XEN has no early-end stake penalties. Users can end their stakes whenever they want, but they won’t receive the APY rewards.

How do XEN APY rewards work?

When the XEN smart contract launches, the APY starts at 20% and decreases by 1% every 90 days until it reaches 2% and remains unchanged indefinitely. One year after the XEN Genesis, the APY will be at 16%, and it will reach the plateau of 2% after 1620 days from the launch. The APY is a non-compounding interest rate that is provided in addition to the general formula.Internally, when you stake XEN, the tokens are burned while only the record exists. When you end the stake, your XEN and the APY are minted into existence.

Check out our article about the game theory of XEN to get more insight into the nuances behind the functions and their effect on the inflation rate.

XEN step by step

  1. Follow these instructions to download and install the MetaMask wallet
  2. Go to and connect your walletxen dashboard
  3. Choose the desired number of days for the mint term
  4. Start mintingXEN minting
  5. Confirm the transactionXEN mint transaction confirmation
  6. Come back when your mint term ends and connect your wallet again
  7. Claim your XEN by choosing one of the three options.
    1. “Claim” will mint XEN and you’ll see them in your wallet.
    2. “Claim + Share” lets you mint your XEN and send them to another address of your choice simultaneously.
    3. “Claim + Stake” lets you mint XEN and stake them for a chosen number of days up to 1000 days.
  8. Follow this video step by step