How to connect to the X1 network

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The X1 blockchain, conceived by Jack Levin of the Fair Crypto Foundation behind the XEN Crypto token, has undergone significant development milestones. Initially launched on January 28th, 2022, as Devnet, it progressed to a second iteration named Fastnet. Currently, the X1 network is in its final stage of development, with its impending merger with Xenblocks‘ Proof-of-Work (PoW) security layer marking a crucial step towards the establishment of a hybrid Proof-of-Stake (PoS)/PoW chain with throughput higher than Solana and the security of Bitcoin. Here we guide you on how to connect to the X1 network, get the XN gas token, and start using it.

What is the X1 blockchain

The X1 network is a Layer 1 EVM-compatible solution with Bitcoin integration, and it’s part of the Xenblocks hybrid design. Its first implementation is commonly known as Devnet, and it’s a Polygon Edge fork. The second version of the X1 testnet is called Fastnet and uses Fantom Opera as the building structure. Both testnets underwent heavy testing by the XEN community members who engaged in minting XEN and other operations. The hashes of the transactions from both testnets are indexed on the X1 testnet.

Jack Levin and the XEN community is currently in a trademark dispute with OKX exchange over X1.

How to connect to the X1 chain

The connection to the X1 testnet is very simple and straightforward. It’s enough to go to the official website, connect the wallet, and press on the X1 Devnet or the X1 Fastnet field. You need to connect to the same address with which you minted XENFTs on Ethereum or other chains. Once you’re connected and have some XN to pay for the transaction fee, you can mint some XEN or XENFTs.

X1 network Devnet fastnet
Connection to the X1 newtork

How to get XN on the X1 chain

XN is the currency of the X1 testnets, and it’s obtained by minting XENFTs on Ethereum and other networks. The amount of XN is determined by the type of minted XENFT. XN is airdropped to the user’s account even if the NFT has already been sold.

The table below shows the amount of XN per XENFT:


Airdrop allocation

XN is also given for burning XEN on every chain.

X1 explorer

Depending on the version of the testnet you’re using, you need to connect to the respective block explorer to view the transaction. All the explorers are listed on the official X1 Blockchain website.

It’s possible to add the X1 blockchain to your MetaMask by scrolling down the explorer page and pressing on the fox image.

Add the X1 Blocckhain to MetaMask