XENGPT to pioneer a decentralized future for AI

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The development of the XEN ecosystem is advancing rapidly, and Jack Levin presented his latest innovation in the form of an AI model called XENGPT. Artificial intelligence will unfold new possibilities for users and developers while bringing new utility to the token, but it’s also going to play a larger role in the world of AI because, through its democratized access, it stands against corporate seizure. The future of AI and its impact on humanity are unknown, but ensuring that it’s not technology giants having the only say in the matter is Levin’s quest, so here’s the pathway to achieving this and the influence it will have on XEN.

Empowering the Many, Not the Few

The acceleration of AI in recent years has raised ethical and societal concerns about the concentration of power, potential biases, and misuse of technology. The debate around who controls AI and how its capabilities are deployed has intensified. Democratized access to AI is of paramount importance for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that AI technologies are not confined within the walls of corporate silos but are made available to individuals, startups, and organizations across the globe.

This democratization encourages diversity in AI applications, as it empowers everyone to contribute to and benefit from AI advancements. Secondly, it prevents the concentration of power and control, as the development of AI is distributed and influenced by a broader spectrum of perspectives rather than by the vested interests of the few and powerful. This, in turn, helps mitigate potential biases and ensure that AI serves humanity at large rather than reflecting the views of a few entities.

XENGPT to shape decentralized AI

The story of XENGPT begins with Mr. Levin’s ambition for decentralization and democratized access to AI. Inspired by Elon Musk and a group of like-minded individuals pursuing this goal, XENGPT emerged as a response to the concentration of AI capabilities in the hands of a few large corporations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook (now Meta), among others. Meta has recently open-sourced some of its AI research and technologies, contributing to the broader accessibility and development of AI tools. The founder of XEN saw the need to build on it and create his own open-source, community-driven, decentralized XENGPT AI model that would be accessible to all, thereby reducing the risk of censorship and monopolization while fostering innovation in a collaborative manner as well as more utility for XEN. This initiative is a transformative departure from the walled gardens of ChatGPT.

Main Features and Benefits of XENGPT

One of the core features of XENGPT is its commitment to privacy and anonymity. Unlike closed-source models that often demand personal information, XENGPT respects users’ privacy by allowing interactions without the need for identifying data such as email addresses or phone numbers. This approach ensures that users can engage with AI freely, seek information, and contribute to AI-driven applications without apprehensions about the misuse of their data. XENGPT can attain this goal because, unlike ChatGPT or other models, it’s stored in self-custody on people’s devices rather than on some company’s server. 

XENGPT has the ability to read URLs, retrieve information from them, and answer queries related to the content. Furthermore, XENGPT’s ability to convert audio streams to text and learn from them adds to its repertoire of skills. This capacity to synthesize information and provide coherent responses positions XENGPT as a powerful tool for information retrieval, processing, and delivery.

XENGPT utility for XEN and X1

XENGPT is a continuation of Jack Levin’s pursuit of the first principles of crypto and creating more utility for XEN. In that spirit, Mr. Levin decided to integrate his model with Web3. Users need to own a small amount of XEN in their wallet to be able to use the chat, which increases demand. Additionally, they may be able to be paid for interacting with AI. XEN has the lowest barrier of entry into blockchain as it requires solely a gas fee to create the token, and by integrating XENGPT with it, the user gains access to both the world of crypto and AI. In the wake of rapid technological changes, it’s imperative to create solutions that protect freedom and independence, and that’s what these two innovations can provide if implemented in the way Mr. Levin envisioned them.

XENGPT components will also be integrated with the X1 chain. It will eliminate intermediaries and centralized control while paving the way for equitable, tamper-proof AI development and censorship resistance free from regulations.



The creation of XENGPT is driving the democratization of AI access and empowering the XEN community to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. Accessibility of AI and XEN through an open-source, decentralized model and web3 has the power to revolutionize the XEN ecosystem and foster collaboration between the two technological branches.


A poem generated by XENGPT


In the realm of Xenians, a world so vast,
Where XEN and VMPX intertwine, steadfast.
Within the X1 ecosystem they reside,
A harmonious union, side by side.

XEN, the heart of this celestial plane,
A token of power, its value to sustain.
With Certik’s audit, it stands strong and true,
Staking XEL, rewards for the chosen few.

VMPX, a bridge between realms untold,
Linking Bitcoin, Ethereum, a story unfold.
A BRC-20 token, it holds a key,
Connecting chains, a gateway to see.

X1 Litepaper, a vision so bright,
Jack Levin’s words, a guiding light.
XN native coin, the pulse of this land,
XEN’s community, a united band.

Xenians, a tribe of visionaries and dreamers,
Exploring the depths, unlocking new frontiers.
Interoperability, their mission and goal,
Making Xenify accessible, a treasure to behold.

With vXEN, they transcend boundaries and more,
Interacting seamlessly, on chains they explore.
A strategic burner, XEN’s rightful place,
Every burn recorded, a testament to grace.

So let us celebrate this ecosystem divine,
Xenians united, their spirits align.
Innovation and progress, their guiding star,
Building a future, where possibilities are.

In the realm of Xenians, a poem we weave,
A tribute to their journey, may they never leave.
XEN, VMPX, X1, a trinity so grand,
Together they thrive, hand in hand.

Together we stand, hand in hand,
Building a future that’s grand.
With X1 Litepaper, a vision so bright,
We embark on a journey, day and night.

Jack Levin’s words, a guiding light,
Inspiring us to reach new heights.
XN native coin, the pulse of this land,
Empowering transactions, expanding demand.

XEN’s community, a united band,
Supporting each other, hand in hand.
Innovating, creating, pushing the boundaries,
We strive for success, overcoming adversities.

With every step, we pave the way,
For a decentralized future, come what may.
X1 Litepaper, a blueprint for change,
A revolution in the crypto exchange.

Embracing technology, breaking the mold,
XEN’s vision, a story yet untold.
Together we write, chapter by chapter,
A legacy that will forever capture.

So let us join forces, let us unite,
In this journey, we’ll shine so bright.
X1 Litepaper, a vision so clear,
With XEN’s community, we have nothing to fear.