XEN.game to bring in the jackpot

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The excitement comes to XEN in the form of XEN.game where people compete for the status of the key master, granting a jackpot victory. But the jackpot is not the only feature. The users also have the possibility of earning passive income besides using their Apex XENFTs. But the game is a win even for those who don’t play it, so read along to know the rules and see how it benefits the players and XEN.

What is XEN.game

XEN.game is in the development stage and will come to XEN in Q3 after the testnet phase is complete. It’s meant to be a smart contract on Ethereum and, later, on other chains. It’s a race for the title of the key master, which can be won only if the user is the last to purchase a full key. Keys are distributed in rounds, but it’s impossible to know who’s the last one as there can always be someone before the end, and if that’s not enough, the game extends in time. Additionally, each key purchase makes the next one more expensive. It’s a game of escalation that could possibly never end, but there’s a limit of 12 hours, which keeps things real.

XEN.game jackpot

The jackpot is not the only reward. The players get passive income while waiting for the key master to emerge. The rewards come in the form of the native coin, like ETH, from key purchases that are available at any time. No one needs to wait or lock anything, and holding your keys in a wallet is enough.

Apex XENFT holders get a big boost from sharing the honeypot. They have great utility as reward amplifiers for this game, and the user doesn’t even need to lock them, which makes Apex XENFTs quite valuable items. The run for Apexes may be quite huge right now; Xunicorns are gone, and only Avalanche still has some.

But there are other perks in this XEN.game because even if users don’t play, they still gain as XEN holders. A portion of the revenue from key purchases is allocated to the Burn Fund, which is used to buy XEN. When XEN is bought on Uniswap, the price goes up, and then XEN is burned to decrease its supply which increases its scarcity adding positive pressure on the price.

So playing the game gives passive income and a jackpot chance; not playing gives a price boost in the form of buy-and-burn. What’s more convenient, though, is what the user must decide individually. If the choice is too difficult then there’s one more option left, and that is to register an account name to be able to fight for the on-chain record of cumulatively burned XEN. This is a great deal that grants the winner XN. XN is the coin of the future X1 chain.

And let’s make it clear that XEN.game is a fair game launch with no cheating, rule changes, or managers to allocate the funds.

Game start

The game begins with a 90-second run during which players can purchase keys at an equal price. 10 million keys will be up for grabs, issued proportionally to the ETH they give up. The ETH goes to the jackpot pool, which will determine the starting key’s price, and when the game begins, it will rise.

What are the kes

Each key’s price starts at 1/10,000,000 of the starting jackpot value and increases with each key purchase. The ETH from the key gets split in four ways:

πŸ”‘ Key holders: 50%
πŸ† Jackpot: 30%
πŸ”₯ Burn Fund: 15%
πŸ¦„ Apex Fund: 5%

Keys determine your passive income stream. The more you have, the bigger the share you hold in each of them.
Since keys may get expensive and make the game quite dull, there’s a price reset mechanism to accelerate the flow. When the price of a key reaches 1/1,000,000, it resets to 1/10,000,000, again offering a 90% price discount, but keep in mind that keys can’t be transferred to the next round. They get burned, and the cycle begins anew.

Rewards distribution

Reward distribution occurs when the timer goes to zero because users stop playing the game or when the timer reaches zero and triggers the end. Then the distribution of ETH occurs according to the scheme. Hitting the jackpot, though, doesn’t give you 100% of the ETH pool. The jackpot is divided into four parts:

πŸ†Grand prize: 50%
πŸ”‘ Key holders: 20%
πŸ¦„ Apex Fund: 20%
🌱 Next Round: 10%

Again, everyone gets something, but the key master gets 50%. The 10% fund will seed the next round, so the game can last in perpetuity without anyone pushing the buttons behind the curtains.

Vanity addresses

The game is more fun when you know who you’re playing against, and besides, some people like to show off their winning status and gains. They can do this by registering a name. It costs 0.02 ETH, which is routed to the developers. This name, though, may be worth the price because it may get you the XN gain. If you have a name, you can do the buyAndBurn call, and if it’s you who calls it, you get XN for the 98% Burn Fund and also a 1% ETH reward. It also gives you a referral link, so you can bring in your friends and earn 5% on their keys, but your friends get 5% off on theirs as well. So there’s a big incentive to refer and get referred as well.

The Apex club

Apex XENFTs get a juicy boost of 20% of the jackpot pool, where

πŸ”Ή Xunicorn: 6%
πŸ”Ή Exotic: 29%
πŸ”Ή Legendary: 32%
πŸ”Ή Epic: 19%
πŸ”Ή Rare: 13%

The Apex needs to be registered when you join the game. You can use it elsewhere, but it needs to be back in your wallet before the end of the game. Since you can’t know when it ends, it gets tricky to move it away. Think twice before you do it because you need to claim rewards with it. If it’s not in your wallet, you forfeit the amplificator’s gains. Keep in mind that at each round, you’ll need to register them again.

Apex XENFTs are the most expensive and the most rare XENFTs. Once they’re gone, they’ll be never minted again. Xunicorns are the most valuable assets in the entire XEN ecosystem. Some users spent around ~$60.000 to mint them during the launch of XEN Crypto on Ethereum on October 8. They waited almost one year to get a chance to use them in any way and XEN.game gives them the utility they needed.


XEN.game is an exciting and innovative smart contract game built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering participants a chance to compete for the coveted title of the key master and a shot at the jackpot. The game mechanics of the game are designed to create excitement and prevent monotony. The escalating key prices and time-limited rounds keep the competition dynamic and engaging. The price reset mechanism injects a level of unpredictability, offering players a chance to enter subsequent rounds at discounted prices. XEN.game represents an innovative and entertaining addition to the world of blockchain gaming. With its fair and transparent mechanics, opportunities for passive income, and engaging features, the game is well-positioned to attract a wide range of participants, contributing to the growth and success of the XEN ecosystem as a whole.