XEN Crypto minting surpasses 100,000,000 addresses

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On November 22, XEN Crypto claimRank transactions have been called 100 million times across 10 different blockchains. Since OKX chain joined the mint, over 23 million addresses have been created in 5 days just on that chain. Polygon is the second most popular network, while Ethereum remains at 3.2 million.

XEN Crypto is making Top charts

Since its launch on October 8, XEN Crypto has made strides, becoming the top gas guzzler on every chain, one of the top tokens on each network, the reason behind the exponential growth in new addresses created, and the source of new users visiting the blockchain and actively using it. Today, XEN celebrates the creation of 100,000,000 new addresses on the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum PoW, Evmos, Moonbeam, Fantom, Dogechain, and OKX chains.

XEN Crypto on 10 chains
Total number of claimRank transactions across 10 chains; Source https://xen.fyi/en/dashboard

XEN Crypto influence on ethereum

XEN made Ethereum deflationary. After the Merge, ETH inflation was going up, and it reached its peak on the day the XEN crypto smart contract launched on Ethereum. After that day, ETH supply started to decline rapidly and is now sitting at 120,516,975 ETH.

ETH supply deflationary
ETH supply turned deflationary Source ultrasound.money

In the past 24 hours, 110 thousand dollars have been burned on XEN gas fees. In total, XEN Crypto burned 9,273 ETH out of the ETH supply for a total value of $12,257,453. People use different tools to mint XEN. The most popular is the official XEN Network minter, which burned 6985 ETH for a total of $9,188,941. Cointool’s batch minter, which allows users to mint XEN with multiple addresses, burned 1682 ETH for a total of $2,264,152, while MCT-XEN Batch Minter burned 606 ETH for a total of $804,360.

ETH gas guzzler
Top ETH gas guzzlers

On Ethereum, the XEN Crypto supply is 592 billion, with a total of 3,239,120 claim rank transactions. Jack Levin posted on Twitter that 617k users from all around the world come repeatedly to the xen.network website to interact with the smart contract. Most users come from the United States and China, with Indonesia and Poland being next.

Not all the minters, however, seem to finish their minting process, because almost 31,000 of them didn’t claim their rewards on time. XEN penalties kick in 24 hours after the mint term ends, and they reach 99% after 7 days. $220k worth of gas fees were burned by forgetfulness, as Jozef Jaroščiak wrote in his tweet.
Since the launch, XEN Crypto has always been one of the top tokens  and in the past 7 days it has maintained its position in the top charts.

XEN Crypto distribution

XEN top token
XEN top token

According to Etherescan, XEN supply on Ethereum is distributed amongst 36,352 token holders, with 3 exchanges holding about 1/3. Huobi exchange holds 12.6% of the total supply, or 67,752,532,410 XEN, for a total of $631,453.60. MEXC holds 11.4%, while Gate.io is third with 9.59%. 

XEN Crypto token holders on Ethereum

Claim days have changed drastically since launch, when the majority of users were minting XEN for the shortest mint term to sell it on an exchange. Today, we see that the minimum 1 day mint term makes just 7.1%. 41.3% of users mint from 2 to 30 days while 16.7% claim term exceeds 360 days. 

XEN claims
XEN mint term distribution Source https://dune.com

On BSC, Huobi holds 36.7% of the total supply of bXEN while MEXC holds 27.9%.

XEN token holders on BSC
bXEN token holders on BSC

On Polygon, MEXC holds 67% of the total mXEN supply.

XEN token holders on Polygon
mXEN token holders on Polygon

On Avalanche, the distribution is very fair, with the top account holding just 6.48% of the total aXEN supply.

aXEN token holders
aXEN token holders on Avalanche

On Ethereum PoW, the top address holds 18.16% of the total vvXEN supply and the second one 8.37%. The top ten addresses hold 50% of the supply, and addresses from 11 to 50 hold the other 30%. The rest of vvXEN is distributed across the remaining 9,660 addresses.

vvXEN token holders
vvXEN token holders on ethereum PoW

On Moonbeam, the top address holds almost 21% of mbXEN, and 79% is in the hands of the other 7,894 users.

mbXEN token holders
mbXEN token holders distribution

The distribution on Fantom is very concentrated, with 82.85% remaining in the hands of just one address. All the other 3,166 token holders have less than 6% each.

fmXEN token holders distribution

On Dogechain, the situation is the worst because, out of 14,255 addresses, 90% sit in just one wallet. The second largest wallet with 5.8% of dcXEN supply is the LP on Kibble DEX, while all the rest hold less than 0.83% of the total 2,218,757,383,841 dcXEN supply.

dcXEN token holders
dcXEN token holders distribution

OKX chain was the latest where the XEN crypto smart contract was launched, and it leads by the total number of addresses created as well as the supply. The supply is 942 billion, distributed across just 454 addresses, and the numbers are changing rapidly. The top wallet holds just 95,398,408,508 of okXEN making up just 10% of the total supply. 

okXEN token holders distribution