XEN troubleschooting guide

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XEN Crypto is on 11 chains, and many more are coming. The expansion is bringing in more new users, but it also means that the community needs to deal with different issues on each of these networks. We’ve seen that some are endemic, while others are errors that are common and can be solved with a few easy steps. Here we provide a troubleshooting guide for the most frequent problems.

Wallet connectivity

Sometimes, when you go to mint XEN on xen.network and try connecting your wallet, it won’t work. You may have other issues with wallet connectivity, like:

  • Switching in Metamask  from one account to another doesn’t switch the account on xen.network
  • Changing the network from one to another isn’t working
  • You can’t see your XEN balance or mints

There may be other issues related to connectivity, but they can almost always be solved by doing these basic steps:

  • Reload the website
  • Log out and log in to your wallet once more
  • In Metamask, there’s a little dot on the left side of your account name. There’s written “Connected” and then the dot is green, or “Not connected,” and the dot is grey. Press on it and check which account you’re connected with. Switch it if needed.
  • Sometimes you may need to disconnect from the website when it’s being really obtuse, so press the three vertical dots on the right side of your account name and go to “Connected sites” and then “Disconnect” the website. Then reconnect your Metamask. 
  • Switch accounts back and forth
  • If you have a problem changing the network, then try switching networks back and forth and reloading the website

If you did all that and you still experience issues with connectivity, then this may be something that has to do with a RPC. A RPC node (Remote Procedure Call)  is a computer server through which users and decentralized apps can query blockchain related information (such as block numbers, blocks, node connections, etc.) and send the transaction request.

RPC error


RPC may sometimes stop working, and when that happens, the web app you’re interacting with won’t show you any data. Some RPC errors may pop up, and in that case, the best you can do is change your RPC. How do you do that?

  • You can do it manually by going to your Metamask, pressing on the name of your network, and selecting “Add network. On the left side of the new window, you will see Networks. When you press on the name of your current network, you will see that there’s an RPC name you’re currently using. You can change that by finding the URL of the new RPC you want to connect to. If you don’t know which, then you’d better choose the method below.
  • You can change your RPC from chainlist.org. You need to connect your wallet and search for your network. Once you find the network, it will be possible to choose an RPC from the drop-down menu. Choose the one that has a green checkmark, as yellow and red indicate privacy issues. Press Connect wallet and reload xen.network. Now you should see your mints and balances.

Pending transactions

One of the most common issues is a pending transaction, which blocks your wallet from doing other transactions. We covered this topic in this guide. In this guide, you’ll also learn how to set a custom gas fee and how to not get rekt on fees.

In rare cases, you will need to reset your Metamask, but this isn’t something that is really needed when it comes to pending transactions. This may be needed only when you see on the blockchain explorer that your transaction went through but still persists as pending in your wallet. Go to your Advanced Settings and choose “Clear activity and nonce data”. This will erase the activity from your wallet.