Mr. Jack Levin, what have you done

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What have you done, Mr. Jack Levin? You and your free token with the forever down chart… What an abomination you created with never-ending inflation and a minting process causing high gas prices for all?! How could you vampire-attack the Hexican community and drain the economic energy out of them? How dare you create a token with no funds for development and marketing, leaving the community to its fate? Did you think that your legacy as a back-end engineer at Google and ImageShack was enough? How could you be so arrogant and think that you could game us with some cheap scam? Well, Mr. Levin, the damage has been done. Now you have to deal with the community and your swamp.

Just look at all these people under your Twitter posts. “When XEN to 1$?!” they exclaim, “Your team doesn’t work!”. I’ll tell you something, Mr. Levin. What did you think? Did you think that with this kind of chart you could cut a deal? Just look at this L-shaped chart starting at $0.006148, going high to $3.6758, then falling down to $0.0000006994.

L-shaped XEN chart Source

Everyone wondered if it would ever stop there. “Where’s the bottom?!” and “Will we add two more zeros?” everyone asked, and what have you said? “The chart doesn’t matter, the community does”. So here you go, Mr. Levin, where are we at? Let’s zoom in to a 1-month chart to see what’s going on now.

xen price
XEN price chart Source: coinmarketcap

Now this looks better… It’s at $0.0000046, almost 600% from the all-time low. The market cap also increased.

xen market cap
XEN market cap

Let’s look at more data behind this turn. XEN’s total supply turned disinflationary because of the burn. 3.5 trillion XEN, or 25%, were permanently burned from the supply, and just 61% of XEN is liquid now. The consumption of XEN has increased so much while the total mined supply is at 20%, and we’re left with just 2,814 days of the AMP.

xen burn and supply
XEN burn and supply Source

But at this rate of consumption and with the cost of cRank so high, how can XEN reach the estimated 420 trillion supply?

xen cRank cost Source

It can’t possibly be; it must go down. DBXen was burning most of the recent supply and there are XEN Knights going out now! Then we have FENIX and X1 Chain in the store. With all these XEN-burning projects launching soon, how can we get enough XEN to burn?!

dbxen burn
XEN logo

After a long plateau in Network Machines (Active Minters = Global Rank – Claimed cRank) there’s a spike and the activity came back again. Someone is minting more XEN!

xen minters
XEN minters Source

Something is boiling… Do they want to burn more to get DBXen? Maybe it’s the XEN Knights attracting the power, or they just want to accumulate because XEN suddenly become quite scarce.

Ethereum gas fees have been high. When there’s a bull market, it’s always like that. Higher gas usually means no XEN mints, but people do mint now because the demand for XEN is on the rise. 13% of the Ethereum burn is due to DBXen, which rewards burners with DXN tokens and a native ETH coin. DBXen set all chains on fire, burning 34% of aXEN on Avalanche and 26% of coXEN on Evmos. Other chains are burning too, with Dogechain and OKC at the back of the race. These two aren’t playing by the rules of the game.

DXN price chart
xen burn

XEN brings users and prosperity to each EVM. Just look at what it did to Moonbeam, Fantom, or Avalanche. It brought life to half-dead chains. XEN has been one of the top tokens there for six months, and it probably won’t stop because the burn is going on.

Fantom addresses Source
moonbeam addresses
Moonbeam addresses source
Avalanche addresses Source

Things will heat up further as adoption grows and the X1 chain will send XEN to the moon. Now the Xenians also have their own meme coin.

It’s called Xenlon, and it has a space seal as a pet. Will it take XEN to Mars? Maybe… Who knows?! The thing is that if it’s fair crypto, it may get there.


Yes, fair crypto projects get an instant boost from a community of 175,754,474 active minters on all 10 chains, but how many holders are there?

active minters
XEN active minters Source
XEN holders

XEN holders are those who have ended their mints or bought XEN and have it in their account, but many of these 175 million active minters are not holders yet. Their mints are coming in the future, depending on their mint term. How big is the XEN community then? It is difficult to say, but with 1 million users coming to, and others to cointool, xenturbo, Chinese minters, and our own minter giving out free XEL, you can be sure that the community is growing at a fast rate. 

But what moves XEN and why Mr. Jack Levin has succeeded so much is in the Litepaper, and that’s our north star. Our guiding point in a dark crypto space sky are the first principles of crypto and fair launch.

The XEN Crypto contract was launched with no admin keys, meaning there’s no ruler or owner, not even Mr. Levin himself. He got no allocation and forfeited all of his rights. He’s a community member just as all of us are. Yes, he’s the founder of XEN and one with big balls because he decided to do something difficult through a fair launch.

Jack Levin

He launched a protocol just like Satoshi did and made people participate to create their own XEN mints. He didn’t leave though and is still with us, building amazing products like Staking XENFTs, XENFTs and XEN Knights. He created a community of people standing for the same thing: decentralization, self-custody, censorship resistance, transparency, trust through consensus, and no admin keys. 

Most of the Xenians mint their own XEN. Those who bought at the top have many regrets. Impatience and frustration are what keep them in the past defining their day. Self-regulation, acceptance, and surrender are what will make them disconnect. Once they start making their own XEN mints, they will start embracing the future before it manifests. They will see their XEN mints amplifying from day to day, and the future will become reality at the maturity date. Such is the power of seeing now your future XEN.

So what have you done, Mr. Levin, with your forever-down-chart? You’ll pass to history as the one who reverse-engineered the crypto space and took over the chains. You’ve brought first principles to clean up the air of pump-and-dump schemes and scams.

Thank you for this from all of us. Thanks for the time and money you put into building things, and thanks to the team and everyone else. To all the builders like DBXen, Twitter Spaces speakers, and Telegram admins. To Xenmon, Xenturbo, and for monitors and stats, and to all the youtubers, people in groups, and Reddit speaking their minds. Gratefulness is what we feel right now, and we broadcast this energy, carrying this thought to everyone.